OPEN OFFICE is Septembre(00) Office + Gallery. A new space in Biarritz, Beaurivage, France. Exhibitions, pop-up or showrooms could take place inside the 60sqm location with a window on the street and a terrace. 

(03) Julian Smith - Selected works


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Jan 18 2021 ︎ Feb 08 2021

Julian Smith - Selected Works

The works I have selected for this exhibition are pulled from various series I have produced over the last six years between Mallorca, Spain and Guéthary, France. The message has been - without compromise - a lead narrative through out the works both in visual and music form: focusing on a change from within, on an independent and personal level. I have been positivity influenced by others who do this. This is not in anyway discounting mass movement - just another way to create a strong resistance - like a quiet coup. I just think there is something to be said for focusing on the core of the mass disconnection we face, rather than habitually communicating topical solutions to over saturated public forums at the expense of manufactured energy and our sensitive and curious minds.
⎼ Julian Smith

Come and visit us at the office by appointment
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OPEN OFFICE by Septembre00
49 avenue du Maréchal Joffre
64200 Biarritz

(02) Opening

An unofficial retail space.

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Dec 01 2020 ︎ Jan 01 2021

Open Office - Opening

Some selected products from selected brands we like and we would like you to like:
Good Morning Tapes
Snake b00t
Fantastic Acid
1991 Books

Antenne Books
Tales of the wind
Ammi Fleurs

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Come and visit us at the office by appointment
mail to :

OPEN OFFICE by Septembre00
49 avenue du Maréchal Joffre
64200 Biarritz

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An exhibition by Julian SMITH & Javier MENDIZABAL.

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Oct 23 2020 ︎ Nov 8 2020


Gestures are part of us, it makes us one of a kind, each one our own. We reference and mimmic naturally - leading us to social barriers and social organizers. I always look humans like mobile tattoo’s. We are permanent as long as our giant earth grants us another day. All divine; busted to bold - new to old.  We express emotion through our postures, our auto-curated stances, some from injury; the compensation lean, some from the pursuit of casual; the relaxed fit and so on. Body talk. All types, all a story. Public spaces offer an arena of social flow, city to sand, there is a never ending narrative of visual conversation. It gets really good when control is lifted or the unexpected takes course, throwing our cues off. Some can improvise and adapt, some slip, there is no right or wrong, we all have been on both sides. That’s the story here, all in one, one in all.
© text by Julian Smith

Duotone is a conversation of gestural awareness - an expression of observation - and a conversation between two artist painting these motives in our own language of color and form.